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Friends of the Wilmington Wire,

Are you interested in supporting our work? Consider contributing some of your time to the Wilmington Wire! We are a volunteer-run group who believes that an informed community is crucial to increasing civic engagement, improving public accountability and creating a better sense of community.

We have a vision to develop a community journalism program, one that teaches community members to create content for Wilmington, and we need YOU to make it happen.

Launching this program will require us to raise funds. Which is why we are seeking a group of volunteers to become members of our Friends of the Wilmington Wire group. This group will conduct fundraisers and volunteer where it can to aid the Wilmington Wire’s mission.  

This can be as small or as big of a commitment as you would like. Small roles might include joining a brainstorming video call or re-sharing the Wilmington Wire’s social media posts. Larger roles might include leading meetings, community outreach, developing videos, etc. Much of the work can be done remotely, via computer and phone, so if you are not currently in Wilmington, you can still volunteer!

The Benefits of Volunteering

I began volunteering with the Wilmington Wire when Kat Madrigal, founder of the project, reached out to see if I was interested in participating. Since joining, I have been able to attend community meetings and develop videos, etc. to share via the Wilmington Wire. Over the last 7 years of volunteering, I have been able to produce multimedia content, write grants, and do community outreach, which has helped me gain valuable job skills. The Wilmington Wire has also helped me explore my passion for environmental justice and I have become quite knowledgable on the issues Wilmington faces. Even with all of these personal benefits, the number one motivator that keeps me volunteering is seeing the impact the Wilmington Wire has on the people of Wilmington.

If you see value in the Wilmington Wire and want to support, I encourage you to join Friends of the Wilmington Wire. Any questions can be sent to

Apply here by Oct 2


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  1. The wire is always on point with everthing!!

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