June Roundup: Wilmington Top Highlights

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Wilmington Pride

Congrats to Banning High Graduates Class of 2017!


Top News Highlights

Gun violence misreports

Breaking news stories about Wilmington shootings released by several media outlets claimed incidents of gang activity or that a police officer had been shot in Wilmington, neither of which played out to be true as discovered by the Los Angeles Times. Misinformation and fear is spread when sharing news quickly is more important than accuracy. The Wilmington Wire compiled a list of conversations on social media, primarily on Twitter, as news broke about these incidents. Take a look at how this inaccurate information impacted the community.

Illegal Flaring

Wilmington residents reported incidents of illegal flaring and smoke that could be seen all the way to Torrance. The Wilmington Wire spoke with the Air Quality Management District and Communities for a Better Environment to report the story. Between the two Tesoro refinery flaring incidents, an estimated 1 million pounds of sulfur dioxides commonly referred to as SOx were emitted into the air. This type of gas is known to be extremely harmful to human health and the environment.

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