Recent Gun Violence Incidents in Wilmington Misreported by Several Media Outlets

Breaking news stories by several media outlets released over the past two days claimed incidents of gang activity or that a police officer had been shot in Wilmington, neither of which played out to be true as discovered by the Los Angeles Times. The need to share news stories quickly has led to the spreading of misinformation. What is true is that a young man lost his life as a result of gun violence and a discussion about gun control has yet failed to be center of attention.

The Wilmington Wire compiled a list of conversations on social media, primarily on Twitter, as news broke about these incidents. Take a look at how this inaccurate information impacted the community.

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  1. I moved to Wilmington in August of 2014, we lived in North Torrance for 14 years prior. I was a little unsure.. the reputation of the city concerned me. I am not Hispanic I guess I’m considered Caucasian. Well I can say I have great neighbors on the right and across the street on the left they are just unfriendly. We have our helicopters and sirens and fireworks.. but honestly this city has a big heart and there are so many people that have lived here forever and they care so much and do what they can to bring out the best of the city and then there’s the ones that don’t and there’s some of those no matter where you live. Wilmington has its pros and cons.. but all in all.. it’s really about how you look at life.. live each day like it’s your last and care even when others dont. Be happy and those who aren’t happy and feel the need to be a part of this drama.. may you find peace in your life.. just try not to harm yourself or others. Anyhow.. just an opinion of a person living in Wilmington for a few years..and have no plans to leave for now.

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